Camping Rates & Reservations

Campsite near the River
Playground at Lost River Campground
Docked boats at Lost River Campground

Lost River Valley Campground is surrounded on three sides by National Forest, and nestled between the banks of Lost River and Walker Brook. Our 139 well-maintained wooded and brookfront sites offer the utmost in tranquility while remaining so close to many of the region’s most popular attractions. We accommodate trailers up to 32 ft. in length, offering full hookups (with 20, 30 & 50 amp electric), water & electric sites, tent sites and popular cabin rentals. Our camping cabins are clean and modern but unfurnished. They have electricity, a double bed, bunk beds and ceiling fans. Picnic tables and fireplaces are included at all sites, and our clean & modern restrooms are never far away. Your well-behaved pets are welcome, on leash, throughout the campground, with the exception of our camping cabins.

2017 Rates
Our season runs from May 15th through Columbus Day.

All rates are based upon one camping unit and one car per site.
A second small tent can be put up for children only.
Additional parking is available in our parking lot at $3.50 per night.

Check-in time is 1:00PM on your date of arrival.
Check-out time is 11:00AM on your date of departure.
Half day additional charge for early check-in, if site is available.
Campers’ guests must be pre-registered.
Quiet Hours: 10:00PM - 8:00AM.

Site types
Primitive Sites $22.00 per day (2 adults per site).
Tent Sites
Wooded $32.00 per day
Wooded Brook Front $36.00 per day
Water & Electric Sites
Wooded $36.00 per day
Wooded Brook Front $40.00 per day
Water, Electric & Sewer Sites
Wooded $42.00 per day
Log Camping Cabins
One room camping cabin $65.00 per day (plus tax)
Two room camping cabin $75.00 per day (plus tax)
Rates are for a party of two.
No pets allowed in cabins.
Children age 17 and under: $2.00 each per day.
Additional Adults: $8.00 each overnight. (Limit of 4 adults per site.)
Visitor Fees
Adult Visitor $6.00 per day
Child Visitor $2.00 per day
Visitor’s car, parked in parking lot $3.50 per day

Reservation Requests

Reservations made for May 15th through June 20th and after Labor Day have a 2 night minimum stay requirement. This does not include holidays or special events weekends.

Reservations made for June 20th through Labor Day have a 3 night minimum stay requirement. However, you may call the night prior to your stay to see if a site has become available for fewer than 3 nights rental.

Important Reservation Information: Reservations for less than 7 nights are made for areas of the campground only; actual site numbers may be requested and will be assigned for stays of 7 nights or longer only. You do not have a reservation until your site has been confirmed, and a site is not confirmed until your deposit has been processed. Deposits may be paid using Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Personal checks are accepted for advance reservations only; however, a pending reservation will only be held for 7 days, pending receipt of your personal check.

Dog Policy: Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Owners must pick up after their pets. Pets cannot be left alone at the campsite at any time. No aggressive breeds, including Pit Bulls or Rottweilers are allowed.

Cancellation Policies: Reservations are fully refundable, less a $15.00 processing fee, if cancellation is made at least 14 days prior to the date of scheduled arrival. There are no refunds or credits for early departures or cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled date of arrival.

To request a reservation, fill out the form below, or call us toll-free at 1 800 370-5678 during our seasonal business hours, shown below. Remember that what you are submitting is not a confirmed reservation, but a form to request information regarding availability.

After Labor Day thru end of season: Saturday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 6:00PM
May 15th thru June 20th: Saturday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 6:00PM, Fridays 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Please note that we will begin taking reservations for the 2017 season on January 2nd.

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Reservation Request
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How would you prefer to be contacted?:
Please note that there’s a 3-night minimum on holidays and from June 20th to Labor Day.
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